The Defense of New Charon pt. 3 – Investigating the Enemy

Scouting elements of the New Charon Militia had noticed patterns. Concentrations of these invading forces seemed to be gathering in little explored areas beyond the reaches of any known settlement. Merissa Cantos has sent a detachment of the militia to investigate one such concentration out in the rocky steppes beyond an outlying farm. Unsure what to expect the militia, led by Natalya Phillips cautiously advance in an attempt to avoid ambush.
Advancing past the farm buildings, Natalya orders her team to stay alert. They split into two forces, one entering the farm, one skirting around the perimeter.
Almost immediately one infantry unit comes under fire from an advancing tank. Running for cover, it was about to get real.
 In response to this first blood, Natalya advances and takes the enemy tank under fire. The missiles ring true blasting a hole or two in the armour causing some damage. The crew, however remain resolute.
Malcolm Kennett, Natalya’s trusted second advances in his CSMP and fires a salvo at another enemy tank. A few strike true and damage the engines.
Natalya and some infantry support take the tank under fire again. Mysterious infantry advance up behind the tank in order to support it better.
The advancing enemy infantry comes under fire from some militia. This fight is getting more intense, there are more of these mysterious attackers than Natalya originally thought.
Some of Natalya’s men come under fire from the mystery invaders. Trying to get back in touch with central Natalya reports what is going on. Merissa Cantos assures that reinforcements are on the way.
One of the supporting CSMPs launches a spread of rockets at another enemy infantry unit completely obliterating it. The price for not hugging cover is high, especially when facing high explosive missiles from those protecting their homes.
Malcolm Kennett comes under fire, taking damage to his leg servos. He frantically calls for more infantry support.
 Support comes, with infantry lauching their handheld anti armour weapons, further damaging the tank. The engine sputters, the tank falls to the ground. Hopefully it’s resistance is over.
 Caught in the open one militia unit comes under fire and becomes combat ineffective. Severe casualties take them out of the battle.
Finally the militia infantry get that desired hit, blowing up the ammunition storage, causing catastrophic damage.
 Natalya and the infantry support finally end the firefight with the remaining enemy tank, destroying it handily. It looks like those reinforcements might not be needed.
 Combining fire Natalya eradicates another infantry unit. There is little resistance left. The militia might finally be able to get to the bottom of who these people are and what they want.
 Kennett takes more damage to his walker from the remaining enemy infantry, he gets a missile off but misses wildly. His HUD malfunctioning he manages to get a cry for help off to his team.
 The other CSMP walker comes in and finishes off the enemy resistance. Now to investigate what they were doing there.
 Advancing past the rocks, the militia uncover some strange objects. They look like ruins, but the earliest known colonists on New Charon, before it was called New Charon arrived less than a century ago. Could these be evidence of some kind of other civilization? And if so, what do these invaders want with them?

Defense of New Charon pt. 2

Months ago the engagement in the Western Reaches of New Charon that took place about a year ago had  been written off as pirate action. Such skirmishes, while not common, happened often enough that it didn’t seem out of place.
Mining had been continuing smoothly and the stakeholders at Sunspoke Mining were happy with the steady stream of profit coming in from the New Charon operation. Originally a Sunspoke self contained mining colony, it had been steadily profitable for roughly 10 years now, and the bosses at Sunspoke had long since moved on to newer, more lucrative mining ventures, happy to turn New Charon over to the colonists and simply take their cut of the profits.

 Isaac Forgrave was staring through the HUD of his CSMP as he approached the unidentified landing zone. Out here in the Western Reaches of New Charon there wasn’t much other than a few farming communities who were aiming for an even quieter life than the already quiet life out on the edges of known space.
“Probably pirates again, or someone looking to keep a low profile for a short time to avoid the authorities”, he thought to himself. Keying the comm system he checked in with his small detachment and received the all clear from everyone. “Eyes peeled and check scanners as we pass through this rocky outcrop, people.”

AMBUSH! Unknown assailants open fire on the Forgrave’s partner mech, causing significant damage. Shaken, the column begins to disperse as infantry seek out cover and Forgrave’s partner tries to get out of dodge!

Fire rains down on the militia, now caught in a deadly crossfire. Casualties mount. “Find cover, I’m calling this in to Central!” Forgrave calls over the comms.

In an attempt to steady his team Forgrave charges forward, unloading a volley of missiles on a unit of enemy infantry, utterly destroying it! While this happened a unit of militia holed up in one of the enclave buildings.
In response to the destruction of their comrades a squad of attackers opens withering fire on the militia, killing an entire unit.

Taking the initiative the unknown mech fires a round of missiles at the damaged militia mech blowing it into pieces! Forgrave’s partner, gone. Things were looking grim for the militia, and Forgrave hadn’t been able to get a message over to Central. He commed the militia unit garrisoning the enclave.
“Harrison, it is up to you, get a message to Central, they need to know what is going on! These don’t seem like ordinary pirates!”
“Affirmative, sir. Wilco!”
 As if to underline the precariousness of the situation another militia squad gets blown away by the unknown attackers!

 In the intense firefight casualties are taken by infantry on both sides. The air hot with high velocity pulse rounds, the worst of the casualties get taken by the attackers, their squad getting wiped out. Forgrave takes this as his moment…

Advancing into the trees he engages a squad of infantry at close range. Bodies fly, armour shreds, and there is not much left to hint at there having been a battle.

 “On your six, sir!” the message screams through Forgrave’s comm. Rounding quickly he manages to engage the enemy mech. Rockets explode, damage is caused, Forgrave is getting the better of the exchange until a squad of infantry join the fray. His mech collapses and Ian Forgrave struggles to breathe, his vision goes black and he drifts off. “Get… message… Central…”
Unsettled by the loss of most of the militia force, one of the remaining squads gets caught under heavy tank fire, going down. Rifle fire joins and then stops. There is no-one left to fight back.
Back at Central Command there is a buzz. Merissa Cantos has lost contact with three militia units, all investigating unscheduled landings. Something is going on, this is more coordinated than mere pirate raids. Something more sinister is at play here and Cantos will be damned if she was going to let the colonists bear the brunt of something like this. It was time to call in the big guns. It was time to fully mobilize the militia.

Defense of New Charon pt. 1

With reports from various sources being shared about some kind of extra planetary landings, a small detachment of the New Charon Militia (NCM) is sent to investigate. Scans show heat signatures moving towards a small enclave out in the Western Reaches. Prepared for any eventuality, the NCM force is under orders to report back before engaging.
Armoured walkers and what appears to be a tank supported by infantry is spotted on the outskirts of the enclave. Reports are sent back to HQ, and the ROE is advanced from investigate to free fire. Whoever these people are, they are clearly not here on official business and there have been no military training exercises agreed by any of the local militias or government forces.

With the updated ROE two units of the NCM advance up to some rocky outrcrops and open fire on advancing infantry forcing them to scatter while taking casualties.

The Close Support Missile Platforms (CSMPs) advance behind the infantry laying down rocket fire, damaging an unidentified walker. These single man mechs are outdated but still pack a punch.

Meanwhile the two remaining CSMPs advance on the right flank, while an infantry unit garrisons an outlying water storage plant.

Seizing the initiative again one of the CSMPs delivers more damaging rocket fire, shaking the pilot of the opposing walker.

In response to advances on the NCM right flank, the unknown tank advances and unleashes withering shell fire, causing severe damage to one of the defending CSMPs.

The strange armoured infantry advance up the centre of the enclave, throwing lead at the NCM infantry dug in along the roadside. Casualties begin to mount.

To avoid getting bogged down the CSMPs charge the enemy tank, causing severe damage with their rockets. However, it keeps fighting on.

In the centre the other two CSMPs unleash more rocket fire, utterly destroying one of the enemy walkers.

As a response the mysterious invaders open fire with the infantry who are garrisoning the enclave central hub and the surviving walkers. One CSMP is destroyed.

As if to avenge the death of his comrade, this New Charon CSMP pilot opens fire yet again on the enemy tank, causing a catastrophic failure of the ammunition storage system. With rounds cooking off inside, the crew attempt to abandon their tank and run for their lives.

Inspired, New Charon Militia infantry advance, and with the support of the missiles from the CSMP they destroy the enemy infantry, killing them to a man.

With their heavy armoured support gone, and having a large hole in their centre, the invaders call it a day and make a hasty retreat while under fire from the militia.
Picking through the wreckage, and bodies the NCM find that the men they were fighting all wearing ancient symbols from Old Earth. Their squad leader decides to leave it for the guys with big foreheads to sort out, meanwhile they will carry on to investigate what appears to be the original landing area of these mysterious invaders.

Tedrion III – The Airfield

Tedrion City is besieged. The roads are locked down by PAC forces, the jungle too impassable for large scale escape. The troops of the Western Alliance are faced with defending to the last man, starving to death, or attempting to break out. The Alliance commanders have promised a supply drop to an airfield near the PAC lines. If it can be secured, supplies and reinforcements may be able to be dropped in to surprise the PAC attackers. It falls to a unit of Alliance regulars to attempt to secure this airfield.

The control tower of the airfield on the right is an objective. Another objective is the backup generator over on the left.

The airfield with it’s four landing pads that needs to be secured.


The Alliance mech fires on the advancing PAC mech dealing severe damage to its armour. First blood in this engagement is drawn.

Further engagements around the generator. The fighting on the left flank is getting heavier and drawing in more of the Alliance mecha and tanks.

Alliance infantry and armour advance on the airfield, setting up a battle line to wait for their mecha to clean up at the generator.

More heavy fighting at the generator leads to the destruction of the PAC mech, blowing to pieces and damaging the generator.

Advancing up the central road, a PAC tank falls under heavy fire from Alliance armour. The fighting over the generator is heating up and draws more armour from the Alliance in, leaving the infantry heavy battle line to go on the defensive.

Unfortunately for the Alliance, some PAC mecha advance along their flank and begin rolling it up, shattering dug in infantry and destroying armour. The remaining units retreat across the road towards the generator where the Alliance mecha and armour have mauled the PAC attackers.

Exhausted from the fighting each side begins digging in on opposite sides of the road to await reinforcements. If they come.

Tedrion III – Closing the noose

With the battle of Tedrion City raging to the north, and with ever more units being sucked into the bloody street fighting, the PAC commander has decided to encircle the city and deny the Alliance forces any supplies and reinforcements.

A PAC battlegroup advanced to cut one of the final remaining roads into Tedrion City that are held by the Alliance. Their mission: destroy any defending Alliance presence, dig in and stop any supplies or reinforcements entering the city.

The road, a neighbouring farm and some Green Jackets defending. PAC forces advancing from the East.

Green Jackets dug in and ready to defend the road into the city.

Storming in from the East, PAC infantry and mecha open fire, tearing into the flank of the Alliance defenders. An armoured car is destroyed, and infantry hunker further down in the farm complex.

The Green Jacket commander turns and sends fire over to the attackers, causing some damage, and sending infantry scurrying for cover.

Repositioning, and attempting to outflank the PAC flanking maneuver, an Alliance armoured car opens fire on the advancing mech, damaging its maneuvering servos.

A heavy firefight continues on the southern flank. PAC infantry break and run, leaving many dead and dying on the field of battle.

PAC armour advances to tackle the Alliance tank blocking the way.

The PAC commander makes the decision to bring on their reserve armour, a decision that would prove successful.

Intense fighting on the southern flank results in the destruction of the Alliance tank, and the almost complete immobilization of a PAC mech.

The hero PAC armour charges in to tackle the armoured car and hopefully allow the engineers the opportunity to recover the mech on the hill.

The alliance commander takes PAC armour under fire, damaging the tank, but himself receives a couple of rocket hits from the PAC infantry on the high ground.

One of the remaining functional mecha fires a few salvos at the armoured car, the turret shooting off into the air as the magazine starts popping off rounds inside. The crew do not make it out, those brave souls.

In an attempt to stem the tide, the Alliance commander calls in some reserves. They speed up the road to attempt to out flank the PAC forces.

Calling on the reserves would be the final act of the commander as he bravely engages in a firefight with the infantry on the high ground. Unfortunately the countermeasures cannot stop every infantry launched rocket and one too many get through, destroying the tank, removing the battlegroup’s commander. This loss sent the Alliance defenders dangerously close to their breaking point.

The infantry on the high ground also engage the infantry garrisoning the farm complex – forcing them to break and become combat ineffective. With the loss of the farm complex, there is nowhere to anchor the defensive line. The Green Jackets complete a fighting withdrawal.

Another road has been cut. The final encirclement of Tedrion City looked to be nearly complete. Surely victory would be soon to follow.

Tedrion III – Invasion

When they said to invade the Tedrion system, it was meant to be a walk over. The fleet battle was quick and brutal, with the Alliance Navy having to retreat out of the system having taken heavy damage. The ground fighting on Tedrion III on the other hand, was not going as planned. Bloody jungle fighting had turned the campaign into a battle of attrition between the defending Alliance forces and the invading Pan Asian Combine Army.

Tasked with joining up with another unit the PAC battlegroup had to advance along the jungle road, passed an abandoned settlement.

AMBUSH! An Alliance tank emerges and opens fire, damaging the PAC armour. The PAC commander realises the advance may get bogged down in rear fighting, but he can little afford this. Some units may have to fight a heavy rearguard action.

Alliance infantry charge at the PAC armour, causing damage, but taking heavy damage in the process. Any PAC casualties caused will delay or maybe even prevent a larger attack on Tedrion City.
The bipedal PAC Destroyer fires a few salvos at the armour, causing even more damage. They can’t afford to get bogged down fighting an unexpected battle in the middle of the jungle.
Hero PAC infantry charge the tank down and engage. Using hand held anti tank weapons they manage to destroy it, opening up the road again.
PAC armour leaves the road and successfully destroys another Alliance tank. Now they can begin advancing again.
Another unit of infantry emerges from the jungle to engage. PAC infantry scramble for cover as a firefight breaks out.
Also emerging from cover, another Alliance tank reigns down destruction on PAC armour before being destroyed itself.
Time is running out, but the PAC forces have managed to advance to the abandoned settlement. The armour and a Destroyer set up defensive positions in case of an Alliance counter attack.
Taking her chances one of the PAC tank commanders engages some emerging Alliance armour at extreme long range.
Alliance forces advance through the jungle to engage the PACA in the settlement. Any disruption caused will be worth it. This last ditch effort will hopefully be able to disrupt the planned attack on Tedrion City.
The PAC forces are nearly there. They are regrouping and forming up in the settlement ready for the final push out of the jungle.
PAC armour destroys more Alliance armour. Things are looking better.
A series of close combats occur, with infantry dying on either side. At this point the PAC force can afford to take some casualties, while the Alliance are running out of reserves.
In the final monents of the battle, the lead Destroyer obliterates the remaining Alliance infantry, causing the rest of their enemies to break and flee.
While delayed and having suffered some casualties, the PAC commander considers this a victory, continuing his march to meet up with the other battlegroup and launch their attack on Tedrion City.