Part 5 – Finding the Slaves

Having allowed the gang members to go in the Meehua Colony compound Rhoro and team decided to find as much out as they could about who the red armoured gang are. Risking detection, the Quansec team access their database, only to discover exactly who they are.
“I cannot believe we met The Buzzard and let him go” sulks Lem, thinking about what fate has befallen his family.
“You can’t dwell on that. Do we know where their main base of operations is? Are they a local gang, or do they spread across the systems?” asks Rhoro.
“According to our data, they have set up their main base of operations here on Helveka III, but do have interstellar reach. In all likelihood, they will have set themselves up in either the Capital, or one of the actual mining operations” explains the Quansec team.
“We need to investigate any of the mines that have activity and go in. A mine seems like a good place to hide slaves” notes Flint.
After searching mining complexes one comes up with strange activity. Red armoured figures are seen. Rhoro and team advance, without support from the Quansec team.
For this game I came up with a random enemy generator. I placed D6 around the board. If a hero comes within 6 inches of one, then 1D6 is rolled. On a 5/6 enemies appear and 1D2 determines whether it is one or two grunts.

The complex. Rhoro and team are in the bottom right.

Cautiously the team advance. Past the trees to the outskirts of the mining complex. It looks like this place has been abandoned for a while as there are trees growing out through the concrete.

Passing the small landing platforms a couple of sentries reveal themselves. It was Flint’s appearance that made them decide to come out. They open fire to little effect. Flint and Rhoro spin around to see where the fire is coming from, unable to pinpoint a source!

Lem slowly approaches and lays down fire on the sentries, sending one scurrying for cover. That should help the others he thinks to himself.

Another two sentries appear behind a building and open fire, forcing Flint to duck between the landing pads to stay out of harms way.

After making sure his suit has no holes in, he pokes his head round the pad and sends a volley of lead towards an unlucky gang member, who crumples with multiple puncture wounds. “I got one!” comms Flint to the others, but they are busy with their own problems.

Rhoro has been caught in the open! Not wanting his friend to get into trouble Flint rushes out firing. He pins the two newly appeared sentries. They hit the dirt, hoping to avoid more bullets. The objective is in sight, they just need to make it another couple of hundred metres and they can get into the mines themselves to look for prisoners.

Another sentry, who is returning to the central complex sees an opportunity to take down an intruder. She fires true, wounding Rhoro. He falls to the ground, pistol still ready for trouble while his armour triage unit gets to work on his wounds.

Flint charges up to the mine entrance, leaving Lem to cover Rhoro, and hoping to deal the gang a significant morale blow. If they see it is too late, surely…

It is too late for someone. The Buzzard appears, and with his Gallant Rifle, fires off at the wounded Rhoro, who goes silent on the comm. There is no time to worry about him for Flint as he has advanced too far and needs to protect himself! Where has Lem gone?

Lem has been advancing slowly, sensibly one might say. He dispatches another guard but cannot see Rhoro anywhere. He was just there though Lem thinks to himself.

Flint skirts around the edge of the complex, firing behind himself as he goes. He manages to kill and pin another guard, but takes fire himself. Ducking behind the complex he finds that there are no more guards to fire at him. Lem has taken the others out, and The Buzzard has disappeared…along with Rhoro.

More guards appear as Lem and Flint approach the entrance to the mine. It is time to find Lem’s family…and uncover where Rhoro was taken.