Part 1 – First Bounty

Rhoro Tharik had had enough. Scraping a living smuggling, getting just enough to keep his ship in the sky was not how he imagined life after the corps. When approached by an old friend about collecting a bounty he jumped at the chance. Life as a bounty hunter could be a lot more dangerous than life as a smuggler, but the job seemed simple enough. A Collective sniper had been found attempting to infiltrate a Quansec mining operation and was being held on the orbital platform above the 3rd planet of the Helveka system, awaiting transport.

The Helveka system is not the most important of places and the orbital platform likely only had a basic group of security operatives, although they would probably be well armed. Rhoro and his two partners Jarek O’Neil and Flint Church (both long time smugglers) arrive at the orbital platform.

Rhoro in his blue armour, flanked by Jarek on his right and Flint on his left (red rim).

The Quansec security forces guarding their prisoner.

The Orbital Platform, or the level that matters. It was obvious the prisoner would be kept here as this level was pretty deserted.

The Quansec guards hear the arrival and move out to check on what is happening. Unfortunately for them Rhoro and Jarek came out guns blazing, immediately dispatching one of the hapless guards.

Not wanting to be out-done, Flint runs out into the open firing his shotgun with the skill he often shows. Unscathed, the leading guard looks at his armour, wondering how he got so lucky, turning around to the sergeant he stops dead. He had never seen so many holes in a person before…

The horrible death of their comrade shakes some of the security operatives.

Rallying, the Quansec guards are still a little rattled, but continue fighting. As if to make a point Flint takes the initiative and charges in firing. Miraculously the guard who survived his last assault survives unscathed again. Not such good luck for his partner who goes down in a pool of blood, wondering how this day had turned out so bad.

Rhoro runs up behind, firing his Raptor at the guard, pinning him.

One of the Quansec guards manages to pin Jarek down from across the platform. Jarek, embarrassed scampers into cover and keeps his head down.

Quansec guards manage not to break, only to get unloaded on by Rhoro, who pins the sneaky guard who was trying to flank them.

Always one to want to get close and personal, Flint charges into that guard who had escaped his shells and dispatches him with a point blank shot. This horrible death would be the undoing of the Quansec forces.

Hoping to play an important part, Jarek runs up and shoots the last guard out in the open, killing him. The two remaining guards break and flee, hoping to regroup with another squad on a different level.

With the sniper rescued, their mission was over. Now to collect the bounty.
“Wait, I don’t want to return to my unit. I have…seen things…things that need to be reported”, said the Sniper.
“What kind of things?” asked Rhoro.
“I will fill you in on the way out of this system.”