The Defense of New Charon pt. 3 – Investigating the Enemy

Scouting elements of the New Charon Militia had noticed patterns. Concentrations of these invading forces seemed to be gathering in little explored areas beyond the reaches of any known settlement. Merissa Cantos has sent a detachment of the militia to investigate one such concentration out in the rocky steppes beyond an outlying farm. Unsure what to expect the militia, led by Natalya Phillips cautiously advance in an attempt to avoid ambush.
Advancing past the farm buildings, Natalya orders her team to stay alert. They split into two forces, one entering the farm, one skirting around the perimeter.
Almost immediately one infantry unit comes under fire from an advancing tank. Running for cover, it was about to get real.
 In response to this first blood, Natalya advances and takes the enemy tank under fire. The missiles ring true blasting a hole or two in the armour causing some damage. The crew, however remain resolute.
Malcolm Kennett, Natalya’s trusted second advances in his CSMP and fires a salvo at another enemy tank. A few strike true and damage the engines.
Natalya and some infantry support take the tank under fire again. Mysterious infantry advance up behind the tank in order to support it better.
The advancing enemy infantry comes under fire from some militia. This fight is getting more intense, there are more of these mysterious attackers than Natalya originally thought.
Some of Natalya’s men come under fire from the mystery invaders. Trying to get back in touch with central Natalya reports what is going on. Merissa Cantos assures that reinforcements are on the way.
One of the supporting CSMPs launches a spread of rockets at another enemy infantry unit completely obliterating it. The price for not hugging cover is high, especially when facing high explosive missiles from those protecting their homes.
Malcolm Kennett comes under fire, taking damage to his leg servos. He frantically calls for more infantry support.
 Support comes, with infantry lauching their handheld anti armour weapons, further damaging the tank. The engine sputters, the tank falls to the ground. Hopefully it’s resistance is over.
 Caught in the open one militia unit comes under fire and becomes combat ineffective. Severe casualties take them out of the battle.
Finally the militia infantry get that desired hit, blowing up the ammunition storage, causing catastrophic damage.
 Natalya and the infantry support finally end the firefight with the remaining enemy tank, destroying it handily. It looks like those reinforcements might not be needed.
 Combining fire Natalya eradicates another infantry unit. There is little resistance left. The militia might finally be able to get to the bottom of who these people are and what they want.
 Kennett takes more damage to his walker from the remaining enemy infantry, he gets a missile off but misses wildly. His HUD malfunctioning he manages to get a cry for help off to his team.
 The other CSMP walker comes in and finishes off the enemy resistance. Now to investigate what they were doing there.
 Advancing past the rocks, the militia uncover some strange objects. They look like ruins, but the earliest known colonists on New Charon, before it was called New Charon arrived less than a century ago. Could these be evidence of some kind of other civilization? And if so, what do these invaders want with them?

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